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Marenco has been in business since 1997 as a design and development engineering firm. From unthinkable ideas to market-dominating products is the credo. Among other things, Marenco offers development services for aviation, medical technology and mechanical and plant engineering. With its in-house production facility for prototypes, pilot and small series, Marenco is well acquainted with the challenges of manufacturing goods. Probably the most complex project that Marenco helped to develop was the new development and manufacture of the SH09 helicopter under the direction of company owner Martin Stucki.

With our expertise and many years of experience in developing helicopters, we know precisely what the market and the today's customers ask for. We are developing a whole new user experience, for pilots, passengers & maintenance staff. Currently, our product development is in the funding phase. We are looking for potential investors & partners to bring this promising game changer in the air.


A new performance class: Best in class hot and high performance  |  Outstanding payload capability in high altitudes and hot weather conditions  |  1‘200 kg at 4500 m asl instead of 600 kg as the closest competitor  |  In combination with a spacious and highly flexible cabin and a modern drivetrain

Around 1'000 helicopters deliveries per year

With a market share of 30%, 120 helicopters per year could be sold

Minimum 40%, 400, helicopters market potential with the two models

50% of the light single engine market

100% of the light twin engine market


In the single engine helicopter market the best selling and newest product was initially developed 1975. The available models are overaged when it comes to design, technology, ergonomics and safety features. In the twin market the situation is not over the whole range that obvious from the perspective of overaged models but also in this segment the available models base mostly on old type certificates. In addition customers are forced to heavier and larger models as the lighter helicopter do not perform good enough. Compared with other products spare parts are overpriced. In addition the service and delivery times of parts are sometimes bad. The few helicopter models available, from mostly one manufacturer, only makes the market customer unfriendly.


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